Friday, February 22, 2008


This last weekend we had a table Capricon in Arlington Heights, our second science fiction convention as Necropolis Studios. Capricon was extremely well organized; they even had the room parties in the convention booklet, a daily 2 page newsletter about all of the activities that were happening last minute, and they provided food for all of the dealers. It was also the most themed con I had ever been to. The theme was pirates and you could pretty much do pirate related things every moment of the convention if you chose to.

Thing went reasonably well at the booth, we learned quite a bit and have a lot ideas about a new booth set up. We also upset our first person, apparently someone mistook "necropolis" for "necrophilia" and was unhappy we would name our studio after such an awful thing. One of the other dealers let us know as they thought it was pretty funny, we thought it was pretty funny as well. A man named David with interesting eyebrows came by and took our pictures, which he then emailed to us, which was very nice of him. We got quite a bit of art done at the con, Grace seems to be getting over her dry spell. I was working on a large dragon that I'm hoping to get casts of in April.

Here is a shot of me working on the Dragon:

Here is a shot of Grace drawing "Wearing My Nonsense Hat Again":

Here are a few pictures Grace drew at the con:

Monday, February 18, 2008

First Post

Welcome to the Necropolis Studio Art Blog. This first post is mostly to see how this service works. In the future this blog will contain information about necropolis studios, art techinques and materials, artists we like, and other assorted topics.